The site American Cocker Spaniel is intended to promote this Cocker, dear to the unconditional of the breed. It was made by enthusiasts, to make it better known to the greatest number! While browsing these pages, you will not ignore anything of this Rascal of Cocker, so endearing and whole devoted to his family!
The American Cocker is the cousin of the English Cocker: it is the smallest of the Spaniels – it is also called American Cocker Spaniel. He is not stubborn as his English cousin can be sometimes – he has only one desire: to please and charm his entourage. You'll soon fall under his spell!
The American Cocker is classified in Group 8 of the classification FCI (International Cynological Federation), section 2: game and scrub dogs – it is not subject to work. 

le site des amoureux du cocker américain
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Les débuts du Cocker Américain en France, par la pionnière de la race.

At the Paris exhibition in 1956, Captain Léon Blair presented a white and black American Cocker and a second, white and orange, who were subsequently sold to Mr. Bedel. They were inscribed in the book of French origins under numbers 1 and 2 but did not strain.
I had admired a number of very typed and very elegant specimens in an American magazine. In fact, I had a crush. I wanted to know more and after many random contacts, I came in correspondence with Mrs Poiggs, a great breeder from Boston, who chose for me the couple of my dreams: a male rather Platinum, Bigg's snow Prince, and a female Black, Bigg's promise. They arrived in France in the years 60. The first exhibition in Bellagio, Italy, was a success for promise from the following year. On the other hand, in Paris in 1959, the couple was not very well received, both by the exhibitors and by the breeders. But I had courage to spare. My enthusiasm was not so much started. Aided by my little dog promise, cheerful and enjôleuse, I had quickly won the sympathies, especially since the litters arrived. My affix, of the Haulte Fortelle, has become the emblem of a line of international champions of various colors and particularly the cream colors very recognizable.
Puisque l'occasion m'en est don­née, j'aimerais me sou­venir d'un vieil ami, qui a per­mis à l'élevage d'atteindre son apogée. Il s'agit de Malin Plu­to de la Haulte Fortelle, qui est devenu cham­pi­on français, inter­na­tion­al, belge et mon­di­al à trois ans.

Little by little, the American Cockers took their place in France.
In 1968, passionate breeders came to join the greater ones, by importing pluricolores which eventually became or spawned great champions. Denise Mangold and Jean-Louis Forrier created the breeding "Forman's" in 1985. I have always encouraged the breeders of this temper and I am always a little moved when I see beautiful dogs well groted and well presented, which reproduce in their image. The breeding is also to know how to choose the breeders who will keep the American Cocker always his qualities, in the standard of the breed. Few breeders endure, but those who do are at heart a passion that cannot be extinguished.
Now, when I remember all the joys and disappointments that precede or follow the exhibitions, I am happy to imagine the future, certain today that that of the American Cocker Spaniel is assured.
To all the seasoned or beginner breeders who will read this preface, I ask to keep a place in their hearts because, if it takes a lot of courage to raise American Cocker Spaniels, it also takes a lot of love. I am sure that all of you have to share.

Fran­coise Firmin­hac,
Honorary President of the Spaniel Club Français,
Offici­er du Mérite agri­cole
La Vigne-aux-Loups, le 24 sep­tem­bre 1993.

Excerpt from the book the COCKERS, de Denise Man­gold et Eliane Rousseau — Edi­tions De Vec­chi, 1994.